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Water Jug Island Blue


Introducing the Water Jug Island Blue, a mesmerizing addition to any homeware collection that beckons the calm and beauty of island shores right into your home or office. Crafted with the utmost care from high-quality glass, this stunning jug stands at a convenient size of 11x16x25cm, perfect for practical use or as an ornamental highlight. The Water Jug Island Blue exudes an understated elegance with its seamless gradient of tranquil blues, reminiscent of the ocean's depths. Each piece boasts a unique pattern, with variations in colour and artisanal imperfections that tell a tale of its handmade charm—these distinctive traits are not flaws but rather symbols of its individuality. Not only is this jug a functional piece for serving refreshments, but it also serves as an exquisite decorative element that can amplify the aesthetic of various interior styles, from modern minimalist to coastal chic. The rippled texture catches and reflects light, adding a dynamic visual appeal to any setting. This glassware gem is not designed for the bustle of a dishwasher, inviting a more personal, hand-washing care that further accentuates its bespoke feel. Whether you're looking for a statement piece that can hold its own or a versatile accessory that can blend in, the Water Jug Island Blue is an inviting choice that promises popularity among consumers and a splash of sophistication in any space.

  • Material: glass
  • Size: 11x16x25cm
  • This item is not dishwasher safe