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Cocktail Glass Island Blue


Discover the allure of the Cocktail Glass Island Blue, an exquisite addition to any home or office space that speaks a language of sophisticated elegance. Meticulously crafted with the dimensions of 12x12x19cm, this cocktail glass will seamlessly become the centrepiece of your entertaining ensemble or a stunning display item. Crafted from the highest quality 'glass', the Cocktail Glass Island Blue boasts a unique charm with its variations in colour. Each glass nurtures a personality of its own, featuring slight imperfections that are not considered faults but rather marks of its individuality. This aspect ensures that every piece you get is as unique as your taste. The tranquil hues of ocean blues imbue a calming yet vibrant touch to your decor, making it an exceptional match for a variety of interior styles – from the modern minimalist to the coastal-inspired. It's more than just a vessel for your favourite cocktail; it's a statement piece that catches the eye, inviting conversation and admiration. Please note that this artisanal glass isn't dishwasher safe, preserving its bespoke beauty through careful handwashing. It's a small reminder of the traditional craftsmanship that goes into each glass. Ideal for those who appreciate the rare gems of home decor, the Cocktail Glass Island Blue is poised to be a popular choice among discerning consumers who relish in adding a touch of exclusivity and luxury to their collection. Whether as a thoughtful gift or as an indulgence for your own space, this cocktail glass is a celebration of artistry and style.

  • Material: glass
  • Size: 12x12x19cm
  • Not dishwasher safe